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Im a story catcher and since I am a vendor at the Maxwell Market, people approach me with lots o stories! This month was the story of a guy who wanted to take a girl to a unique date. He asked her to join in a trip to the early sunday market. He picked her … Read More


My Grandfather, Sam Fox had a stand, and a store on Maxwell Street. I worked there on weekends, selling coveralls, baby dresses and bundles of socks. Great memories of colorful characters. Jaymar jewelers (Marvin) shared space with us, so we had a variety of customers and visitors. I would love to find pictures of the … Read More

Earliest Memories

My father, a WWII vet and mortician from the small town of Ottawa, west of Chicago, would visit a tailor shop on Maxwell street once a year to purchase 2 new black suits. At some time after my birth in ’56 he began to take me on this annual spring trip. We would park under … Read More

The Lost Culture of Maxwell Street

Being and Homelessness: Notes from an Underground Artist

Chapter 8 in the 2017 book: Being and Homelessness: Notes from an Underground Artist: “The Lost Culture of Maxwell Street” by John H. Sibley It was an icy-cold Sunday afternoon in January as I devoured one of Jim’s Original Polish Sausages. The pungent open-air odor of grilled food wafted past my nostrils as hot onions, … Read More