For wave after wave of immigrants, Maxwell Street was their entry to America. Later, the Great Migration brought African Americans from the South. Each brought their own cultures and hopes to the vibrant street and the Market that sprang from it. In doing so, they made Chicago a richer place. LEARN MORE

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Vienna Beef sign on loan to Vienna Beef, Ltd.

Vienna Beef, Ltd. is now hosting the Maxwell Street Foundation’s Vienna Beef sign that has been part of the Foundation’s collection since the 1990s. Mounted and displayed in the company’s corporate headquarters, the colorful sign is shown below with Tom McGlade, Sr. Vice President of Marketing/eCommerce at Vienna Beef, where it is on loan until … Read More

New Maxwell St. Market is Chicago’s Agora

Hi Student member of a University of Illinois at Chicago organization, Please share this invitation and accompanying fact sheet with other students by posting in social media and sending to your email lists. The New Maxwell Street Market, run by the City of Chicago, is at your doorstep and is Chicago’s Agora: a hub for food, … Read More

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