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Im a story catcher and since I am a vendor at the Maxwell Market, people approach me with lots o stories! This month was the story of a guy who wanted to take a girl to a unique date. He asked her to join in a trip to the early sunday market. He picked her up in the suburbs at 6am which did not help the situation. The woman was shocked when she got to Maxwell. She never dated the guy again but had plenty of stories to tell her girlfriends about the Maxwell Street experience.


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  1. Yvette Darden |

    I’m curious about why she never dated the guy again, but maybe she didn’t want to date him in the first place. Having all those stories to tell to her friends tells me that the ‘market’ must have been worthy of something. I would even venture to bet that she and a few of her friends made their way to the market eventually.

  2. Asif |

    I appreciate his memories with his uncle. And this article is full of knowledge and unforgettable memories.