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My Grandfather, Sam Fox had a stand, and a store on Maxwell Street. I worked there on weekends, selling coveralls, baby dresses and bundles of socks. Great memories of colorful characters. Jaymar jewelers (Marvin) shared space with us, so we had a variety of customers and visitors. I would love to find pictures of the street in the 50s, when we were there. it is a treasured part of Chicago lore.


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  1. Lori Grove |

    Hello, visit the Chicago History Museum Research Center; they have photo files by Street Name, and for Maxwell Street, they are separated by decades. You will find numberous 1950s photos there; you can inquire here about hours: Research Inquiries <>

    You can also purchase our book on our website, “Chicago’s Maxwell Street”, which is a chronology of the street, under the Support Us tab on our website, then via the Shop button.

    We apologize for just now getting to your post and hope this finds you well.

    1. Ricke Zeidman |

      Looking for information on 619 Maxwell Street (Felix Baron Shoe Store, later Harry Baron Shoe Store) and 663 Maxwell Street (Harry Baron Shoe Store).

      Thank you.