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Women’s Voices on Maxwell Street: The Silent Influence – Corine A. Azem MA Thesis

This project was made possible, in part, by a grant from the Maxwell Street Foundation. It is a compilation of stories surrounding five influential women as they pertain to Chicago’s Maxwell Street. These women have each had their stories documented to varying degrees, and some are more well known than others. But it was not until now that their histories were brought together. Through the common thread of the Maxwell Street neighborhood, their stories are told as a way to shed light on these women and their contributions to the history of Maxwell Street. The project opens the door for more research to be done on this topic. It is my sincere hope that my project will be a starting point for others who see the value in this endeavor and that they will take it to the next level.

This project strove for balance in telling the subject’s stories, although it may seem disproportionate at first glance. The amount of information contained within is a direct result of the amount of information available. It is also a result of maintaining the focus of the project on the female subjects. In some cases, the seeming lack of information of some individual stories reiterates one of the main points of this project…

Womens Voices – Final (view ppf.) format as PDF