For wave after wave of immigrants, Maxwell Street was their entry to America. Later, the Great Migration brought African Americans from the South. Each brought their own cultures and hopes to the vibrant street and the Market that sprang from it. In doing so, they made Chicago a richer place. LEARN MORE

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The “Vienna Beef” Sign – plea for support!

The Maxwell Street Foundation (MSF) hosted a webinar on Zoom led by The Conservation Center on 10/19/2020, where the Center’s conservators virtually walked us through their conservation process recently completed for the “Vienna Beef” sign from the MSF’s collection of Maxwell Street artifacts. Maria Ochalek, the Director of Client Services at the Center, welcomed the … Read More

The Maxwell Street Foundation seeks your Maxwell Street Market story!

The Maxwell Street Foundation seeks your Maxwell Street Market story while the Market remains closed due to the pandemic.  The Foundation has been a Partner with StoryCorps for the past five years during which time numerous interviews were conducted at the Maxwell Street Market on Sundays and in the StoryCorps studio, the latter of which … Read More

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