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Vienna Beef Hot Dog Sign – conservation completed!

The conservation of the Vienna Beef hot dog sign is complete!  Collected by members of the Maxwell Street Foundation c. 1995 after the Maxwell Street Market was closed at its historic sight, the iconic hot dog sign speaks to the Vienna Beef company’s history in the Maxwell Street neighborhood following its debut of the Vienna sausage at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, through to 1970.  From a storefront at 1217 S. Halsted that expanded to include a manufacturing facility one city block in length, the availability of the product is one reason the Maxwell Street area had a hot dog stand on nearly every corner.  Attributed to Gus Korn, a commercial artist who hand-painted signs for the Vienna Beef company from the 1950s-1980s, the sign is 3′ x 5’6″ in size and had dirt and fractures that threatened its integrity.  To read about the conservation of the sign at The Conservation Center, please click on this link and scroll down:  A Maxwell Street Polish, Keeping Chicago History Alive Article

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Photo credit:  The Conservation Center